Alex Amann

Alex Amann’s passion for flying began at a young age. He joined the Civil Air Patrol at the age of 12 and when he was 14 he started flying gliders through the program, continuing with his first solo a year later in a Schweizer SG2-33 glider called “Blue Nose”. He began his formal flight training at Blue Skies Flying Services after high school, and his first solo with the company was in the Piper Warrior, N43020. Blue Skies and its instructors have made a huge impact on his career, and he could not have had a better training experience.

Currently, he has approximately 450 hours of flight time. He holds a CFI ASEL, Instrument Airplane, and a multi-engine rating. He has experience in a variety of aircrafts, including: Piper Warrior, Piper Archer and Arrow; Cessna 172, 182, and 182RG; Diamond DA40, and DA42; Beechcraft Baron, and T-34 Mentor. He also has experience with some of the most cutting-edge avionics, including the 430/530 WAAS, and the G1000. He is also an instructor for aircraft equipped with the G1000 through the Civil Air Patrol.

Alex is committed to spreading his passion of aviation to others. Whether you were a current or former pilot, a new student doing this for fun, starting a new aviation career, or even just curious—he is more than happy to help you meet your flying goals. Alex’s ultimate goal is to work for an airline flying the 777 which is his favorite commercial jet!