Blue Skies is currently looking for an experienced CFI. AOPA named us Best Flight school in the Midwest in 2018 – we’re a safe, professional, and friendly group of people that values our customers and instructors. We’re looking for someone with the following requirements:


  • Must have some experience as a CFI and CFII. There are no particular hour minimums. However, you must have successfully trained several students, including instrument students, from start through passing their checkride.
  • This can be a full time or part time position. The schedule is flexible, but you must have reasonable availability for students at least a few days a week.
  • You should have life and career goals that are compatible with staying with us for a reasonable period of time.
  • Should be comfortable working independently in a part 61 environment and taking personal responsibility for your students’ progress and success
  • MEI experience a plus.
  • Experience with training CFI students a plus

To apply, email your resume to