Our Philosophy

We at Blue Skies Flying Services believe that flying is FUN and we try to teach that way, too. When it stops being fun, we will stop flying.

The excitement you feel on the first flight should continue through all your flying. We work to keep that up.

We approach each flight lesson in a professional manner because the Private Pilot certificate can be the first step toward a career in aviation.

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AOPA Top Flight School

Distinguished Flight School 2024

Best Flight Instructor Great Lakes Region 2024 – Ernie Boys

Distinguished Flight Instructor 2024 – Anthony Greco

This represents our 9th consecutive year that AOPA has recognized Blue Skies’ flight training program as a top tier school in Northern Illinois and the Chicagoland area.

This title is given to top scoring flight schools from the AOPA’s annual flight training customer experience survey.

Thank you to all our students and pilots who provided feedback during AOPA’s annual flight training experience survey. Your feedback helps us continue to improve and better meet your training needs.

We are extremely thankful to have such an amazing, dedicated, and experienced aviation team!

Anthony Greco – CFI, Ernie Boys – CFII, Amy Stroner – Manager

 Member Accomplishments!

Flight School


Blue Skies is an award winning flight school with some of the best instructors in the industry. We pride ourselves on making our students feel like part of the Blue Skies family during flight training and beyond. While training at Blue Skies, you will have access to a well maintained fleet of aircraft that are perfect for student pilots. Blue Skies also has an FAA approved simulator that can be used during Instrument training.

Aircraft Rental


Our superbly maintained fleet of aircraft are all 4-seat, all-weather single engine airplanes. Our aircraft are equipped with modern avionics – all planes have IFR WAAS GPS, 4-place intercoms, and some are equipped with Auto Pilot.



Blue Skies has been in the aircraft maintenance business for over 28 years. We service both single and multi-engine airplanes. We can help with your annual inspection as well as major engine and airframe repairs, including completion of STC and FAA 337 forms. We also offer aircraft detailing and tire services. Blue Skies is ready to help you with all of your aircraft maintenance needs.