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Blue Skies Flying Services offers Introductory Flight Lessons for those wondering what flight training and small private aircraft are about. This is a first step towards your aviation activities. An Introductory Flight Lesson is not just a ride in an airplane, but a true hands-on experience.

You will be involved with the pre-flight of the aircraft, use of checklists, and post-flight debriefing. This flight can be logged flight time if prior to the flight you provide us with proof of citizenship via a passport or birth certificate.

Lake In the Hills Aviation Academy Introductory Flight Lessons Pilot's License Training
Blue Skies LITH Introductory Flight Lessons Aviation Academy Pilot's License



An intro flight is a perfect way to learn about flying! See some beautiful views and experience a fun first lesson in one of our
training aircraft.

• You’ll spend about 30 minutes in the classroom with one of our Certified Flight Instructors as part of a pre-flight
briefing to discuss the plan for the flight. They will explain the process of getting your Pilot’s license, cover the
basics of flight training and what you can expect, and answer any questions that you might have.

• You’ll then head out to the airplane, conduct the preflight inspection with your instructor, and embark on a short
flight around the area, learning the basics. The flight will last approximately 40 minutes. YOU will sit in the
pilot’s seat and will actually fly the plane yourself, with the help of your instructor!

• After the flight, the instructor will go over any questions you might have about the flight or other topics that you
might be interested in – career options in aviation, flying as a hobby for recreation, and more.

The flight is a great first step – the knowledge you get and the flight time counts towards meeting FAA requirements for
your pilot certificate!


To schedule your flight, call us at 815-356-8121. We’re available seven days a week, in the daytime and evenings.

Availability varies but we can usually accommodate your schedule with a few days of advance notice. You can plan on approximately two hours at the airport.


The flight lesson is for one student in the pilot’s seat, but you can bring a backseat guest in most cases. If you’d like to do that, please let us know when scheduling so we can plan accordingly.


Safety is our top priority, and we also want you to have a great experience. So, we want to fly when the weather is good.

If the weather for the day isn’t going to cooperate on the day of your flight, we’ll call you to reschedule. Please also feel free to call us anytime.

Take the first step toward becoming a pilot.

Blue Skies Flying Services can help you achieve your dream!