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CR-12 AATD Flight Simulator

CR-12 AATD Flight Simulator

The CR-12 ProPanel system is the most cost effective full-featured advanced aviation training device (AATD) on the market today. With the ability to reconfigure the system for over 40 different aircraft, and the loggable time approved by the FAA, the CR-12 ProPanel AATD system is simply the best value in desktop flight training on the market today.

Precision Flight Controls

CR-12 Pro Panel AATD HAS ARRIVED! Blue Skies Flying Services now has On-Line the new Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD). This AATD is designed and manufactured by the Precision Flight Controls Company and can simulate 30 different aircraft types, and they are designing the Piper Archer to be as close to our Archer as they can.

This AATD is FAA certified for the following:

Logged Flight Experience - 61.51(b)(3)

Instrument Experience - 61.57(c)(1)

Instrument Proficiency Check - 61.57(d)(1)(ii) `{`NOTE: Circle TO Land NOT authorized`}`

Instrument Rating: Maximum 20 Hours - 61.65(e)(2)

Private Pilot Certificate: Maximum 2.5 Hours (61.109(i)(1)

Commercial Certificate: Maximum 50 Hours - 61.129(i)(1)

Airline Transport Pilot Certificate: Maximum 25 hours - 61.159(a)(3)(i).

Approved for use as to the extent as allowed within FAA-Approved special training curricula.

In addition to the hours that you can legally log as mentioned above, this is a fabulous procedural trainer for the HSI, CDI, VOR, ADF, Autopilot, Command Bars, Altitude Selector, and it does include a 430 WAAS Garmin GPS unit so you can practice all types of RNAV(GPS) approaches including those specific to WAAS.