Steve Judge

Five years ago, I visited Blue Skies Flying Services for an introductory flight. I was fortunate enough to ride along with Jim Fellers, the Chief Flight Instructor and the rest is history. Since that flight I’ve obtained my private, instrument and commercial SEL’s with Jim. He and the entire team have been a pleasure to fly…

Jeff Lilly

As a recently minted private pilot, I would like to comment on the top-notch quality of service and support I got from Mike and all the CFI’s at Blue Skies Flying Services. Being just north of 65 years old, I am an adult learner, and having experienced some of the ups and downs that go…

Shalini Joiner

On June 24, 2014, I passed my Private Pilot check ride, it was one of my most memorable and significant accomplishments and I have the team at Blue Skies Flying Services to thank! At the beginning of my training, I remember trying to decide which Chicago-area school I would train at and worried about “fitting…

Jeff Dickenson

May 25, 2008 was my first flight ever in a small airplane, and the beginning of the realization of a lifelong dream. I will never forget that day, walking through the door of Blue Skies with my wife Susan, preparing for my Intro Flight with Jim Fellers in Piper Warrior N43020. I felt a weird…

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