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Flight School

Flight School

All courses are alligned to FAA requirements for each individual certificate or rating. The Flight Times reflect the minimums that each aviator is required to meet, prior to receiving their FAA checkride.

You will receive the best quality training available from some of the greatest instructors in the industry at Blue Skies Flying Services. We pride ourselves on making our students feel like part of the Blue Skies family while flight training and continue with us afterwards.

While training at Blue Skies Flying Services you will have access to some of the industry’s leading aircraft. Blue Skies continually invests in updating the aircraft fleet including new paint on aircraft, new interiors, and much more. Blue Skies also has a FAA approved simulator that can be used during Instrument training.

Blue Skies Flying Services can get you to where you want to be and quickly. If you dream of becoming a commercial, corporate, or freight pilot, let us accelerate you to your goals. From zero time to captain never felt this good.


Founded in 1993, Blue Skies Flying Services has gained recognition as one of the finest aviation educational training facilities in the Midwest. Whether you want to try an introductory flight or start flying, Blue Skies Flying Services has you covered. Contact us now to start pursuing your dream!

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Are you interested in taking that first step to completing your dream of becoming a pilot. Then let Blue Skies Flying Services help you reach your dream.

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