Sennheiser HMEC250 Headset

The HMEC 250 sets itself apart from other Sennheiser General Aviation headsets due to its very attractive, foldable design. We call this the Design Line, while our other headsets such as the HME 110 and HMEC 460 are part of the professional Line. This headset offers the customer an interesting price/performance ratio and a powerful design that is extremely lightweight and comfortable. What places this headset above our competition is the Peak Level Portection and Talk Through features.

Talk Through This feature allows you to communicate with the people around you while wearing the headset. The ANR and peak level protection remain unaffected by the Talk Through function and help to protect your hearing.

Peak Level Protection This feature safeguards your ears from volume peaks above 110 dB. Volume control can be produced from technical equipment such as the intercom of the radio during communication with air traffic control.

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You’ll hear and feel the difference immediately.

  • NoiseGuard™ 2.0 with fail-safe operation
  • Talk through
  • Separate left and right volume control audio input for mobile phones and MP3 players
  • Foldable, space saving design
  • Very lightweight (10.1oz)
  • Long wearing comfort due to comforming soft ear seals
  • Flexible boom
  • Noise-compensating condenser microphone
  • 3-year warranty

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Weight 1 lbs