Marty became interested in flying at age 13 when his father bought a Ryan Navion. He earned his Private Pilot license at 22 years old, and went on to work as an assistant manager of a municipal airport until he obtained his CFI, and then became a full time flight instructor. He started flying for small airlines in 1980, and later worked for American Airlines, flying as Captain on the B737-800, B737 Max and MD-80 aircraft. He has also worked as an Aircraft and Simulator Check Airman/Instructor and Manager of Simulator Flight Training. 

Marty has type ratings on the B737 and DC-9 (MD-80), and has also flown B727, B737-800, B737 Max, Convair 640, Metroliner and Piper Navaho Chieftain aircraft. His certifications include CFI, CFII, MEI, AGI, IGI and ATP Multi Engine. Now retired, he is happy to be teaching again, and enjoys helping his students at Blue Skies achieve their aviation goals.