N32403 | Warrior PA28-151

N32403 is a 1975 PA28-151 model aircraft and has the RAM 160HP engine conversion. It is a four place aircraft with an intercom to all seats. It has a useful load of about 900 pounds. It will cruise at about 125 mph and has a range of about 5-6 hours. It has wing tip strobes and wheel pants.

In this panel you will find an IFR certified Garmin GNS 430WAAS. It is certified for enroute and approach with a full US IFR database, and also has a King KX155 with VOR/glideslope. It has a Garmin G5 Electronic Attitude Indicator, a King KMA24 audio panel with marker beacon receiver, and a Garmin 330ES transponder with traffic. This aircraft is 2020 ADS-B Compliant. It has dual PTT’s mounted in the control yokes and a handheld mic. The instruments are in the standard T configuration.