Flightcom 4DX Classic

This headset is always a top seller because of its comfort and affordability. Customers tell us they like the wire articulated boom with fingertip adjustable screws that lets them easily position the mic. They also like the ventilated headband that helps them keep a cool head.

Flightcom has also added the 4LX to the line of headsets. The 4LX is a “listen-only” headset…perfect for tour passengers.

Comfort: The ventilated, low-profile headband lets air in and heat out for cool comfort. For additional comfort, add one of our polar fleece headpads. Innovation: With its fingertip screws, a quick turn of the finger allows you to easily position the wire articulated boom. Adjust it to your needs. No risk: You won’t be left up in the air. With our 30-day refund your satisfaction is guaranteed. Three year warranty.

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  • Mic: Noise-canceling electret Mic muff included
  • Ear Seal: Liquid/foam ear seal—cloth covers included
  • Noise Reduction: 24 dB

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Weight 1 lbs